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Nylon mesh and to distinguish true and false Author:            Release Time: 2016-10-26

Nylon mesh can be divided into: nylon monofilament net, nylon    multifilament nylon multifilament and monofilament mesh three.

Which is easier to distinguish between nylon monofilament net, is a common fishing line nylon   monofilament. Nylon mesh knotted at double knot, monofilament close to the flame, the side      edges melt slowly burning, there amides odor, ash brown glass ball.

Nylon multifilament mesh difficult to distinguish, easy and polypropylene mesh polyester mesh     and confused. You can get the mesh after identification by a simple appearance, good elasticity   multifilament nylon,     polyester mesh lighter in weight compared to its softness moderate mesh, polypropylene mesh is relatively more softer. Second, you can discern through combustion,          post-combustion of black polyester mesh glass beads loaded with dacron taste, polypropylene is   irregular after burning the black pieces.

Monofilament nylon multifilament nylon monofilament net looks like it's lines are made of nylon monofilament few roots components. Nylon multifilament and monofilament is quite different,    multifilament fine impossible to divide the shares, and the thick filaments.