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Install effective anti-bird netting to prevent birds from stealing Author:            Release Time: 2016-10-26

Install effective anti-bird netting to prevent birds from stealing

Fruit bagging, the bird is not wrong according to eat

In previous years, a fruit to mature, intelligent birds in waves between the various orchard "hurry", as is a real treat. Last year, a large number of birds arrive in high spirits, but disappointed. It turne out a string of grapes set into the bag, these facilities will not affect the anti-bird grape quality,     but   also let the birds exploits.

Bagging is the easiest bird hazard prevention methods. But this year, the cunning bird still found   a fruit bag "loophole", according to eat without fail. The solution of a special anti-bird netting fruit sorrow

How kind of bird without harming the birds?

Plug Scarecrow, this is the most primitive. "In the works a few years ago, and now has not fool the   anymore." This year, he learned a new trick is to hang in vintage scrap disc CD-ROM can refract   sunlight shining, especially dazzling, and the birds too scared to come. First year, quite useful can be the second year, the birds still come."

Helpless, growers thought of anti-bird netting. They try to select the mesh size is relatively large, made of polyethylene polypropylene bird netting. Such networks are not easily tear open, very       strong. And no flexibility, even if mistakenly hit a bird in general anti-bird nets, can easily break       free.

Let growers surprise, anti-bird net installation, not only can effectively prevent bird damage, but     also to protect the birds.

Farmers said that as a new type of bird and insect equipment, do not look just a thin layer networ but it can mouth snatched from thousands of birds fruit.